Organization and Policies

The Rosen Institute is served by a Board of Directors with an Executive Team chosen from the membership of the Board. The Executive Team is assisted in the day-to-day work of the Rosen Institute by an Administrator. The Board meets 4 to 5 times each year, depending on the workload, for two hours via video conference.

The values upheld by the Rosen Institute leadership are expressed in the vision and mission statements agreed on and approved by the Board of Directors in March 2013. They reflect very closely the original aims of the pioneers of the Rosen Institute.

Vision Statement

Growing Rosen Method locally and globally

Mission Statement

  • To uphold quality standards of Rosen Method bodywork, movement, and training
  • To support practitioners, movement teachers, trainers, training centers, RMPAs, interns, students, and clients
  • To maintain the Service Mark of Rosen Method by the Rosen Institute as the certifying body
  • To create a culture of membership in the Rosen Method community
  • To cultivate the evolution of Rosen Method worldwide

The Rosen Institute continues to develop thoughtful and practicable policies to ensure the integrity of Rosen Method for those involved in the training framework and the clients who seek the services of Rosen Method professionals.  These policies are carefully developed by a dedicated Board with a diverse body of knowledge to contribute to the growth of the Rosen Institute and Rosen Method worldwide.