Global Congress

The Global Congress is an international gathering of the worldwide Rosen community of interest. Typically, the week-long conference begins with a leaders’ discussion, followed by the meeting of all attendees. The Congress is always a unique opportunity for Rosen Method professionals to gather, meet new and old friends, share ideas, collaborate, and celebrate the practice of this wonderful modality.

The first Global Congress was held in Germany in 2004 on the occasion of founder Marion Rosen’s 90th birthday. The ones that followed took place in Finland in 2006, New York in 2008, United Kingdom in 2010, and Sweden in 2012.

The most recent Global Congress and Leaders Meeting was held in Tallinn, Estonia in November, 2017.  This event was organized by the Rosen Method School Finland and the Rosen Institute. The 5-day event was full of connection, collaboration and learning. Summaries of the keynote speeches can be found in our library.

The previous Global Congress, held in 2014, was hosted by the Rosen Method Institute Canada in the resort town of Whistler, Canada. The Congress was shaped by its engaging theme ‘Embracing Our Roots, Growing Our Work, and Stepping Out’. Rosen Method students, interns, practitioners, movement teachers, teacher trainers, Rosen Institute Board members, and school and training center principals from 14 countries gathered and collaborated at this wonderful event.

2022 Global Congress

With great disappointment, the Global Congress committee has decided to postpone the congress once again.  As many of you will understand, the global pandemic situation is still changing. Although we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to recover, return to their work and social lives, and be able to safely and comfortably travel before we meet together in person. 

With all that in mind, we are now looking forward and hope that a spring/early summer 2022 Global Congress is possible. 

Until then, the GC committee is going to be looking at organizing a small online ‘appetizer’ event in November 2021 to keep your excitement high for the next Congress.  We will let you know more about this event soon.  

As always, we look forward to meeting in person.  It will be all the more sweet for the distance and challenges we’ve all faced throughout the last year and a half.