Rosen Method Bodywork is an often gentle yet powerful modality. It provides an opening to the authentic self and supports living with integrity and clarity.

A conversation overheard between two clients in a waiting room says it all:“

Okay, so what is this Rosen Method all about?”
“Oh, it’s easy. It’s talking to the body and listening to the heart.”

Rosen Method bodywork uses touch and talking to enhance self-awareness in clients. Rosen Method touch is non-manipulative, non-demanding, and listening. A Rosen Method practitioner watches for changes in the tension and relaxation of a client’s muscles and pattern of breathing.

Through this unique Rosen touch, clients can learn to feel themselves more fully and directly. The skillful use of words enhances the journey inward to support the client’s awareness of his or her inner process.

This process naturally activates the body’s innate restorative abilities, leading to greater ease and more expanded capacity in daily life.

In research conducted at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, clients who received regular Rosen Method sessions reported that they experienced the following benefits:

  • • Enhanced psychological health through increased positive and decreased negative emotions
  • • Enhanced physical health through reduced  pain and muscle tension, improved breathing and digestive    function
  • • Awareness of the mind-body connection, through increased awareness of the link between body tension, emotion and prior symptoms
  • • Support for personal growth and life changesgaining a sense of control and autonomy