Board of Directors

The Rosen Institute is a global organization, serving to promote and uphold the Rosen Method and its quality standards worldwide. Members, practitioners, teachers, students & interns, school owners & leaders, and associates of the Rosen Method community support the work of the Rosen Institute through annual membership dues and voluntary assistance.

The Board of Directors comprises members from three leadership groups: the All Teachers Group (ATG); the Rosen Method Professional Associations (RMPAs); and the training centers/schools. Directors usually serve a two-year term, which may be extended by their constituency. Representation on the Board follows a broad rotation schedule designed to include participation from as many elements of the global community as possible over time.

Mette Finnebråten, Norway

My name is Mette Finnebråten and I am 57 years old. I am a practitioner since 2019 and I am in the board of NRF from 2019.I have been the Rosen Institute Board President since 2022. I have been working with people since I was 17 and as an Optometrist for 35 years. Now I want too focus on rosen and too be a part of the global work.

Jane Spilsbury, UK

I am a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner and Workshop Teacher in the UK. I previously served on the RI Board for 3 years and have now returned to sit in the Executive Team as Board Vice-President. Giving Rosen sessions is a constant reminder to me of how to be, and how we can be ourselves and be together. I practice Rosen in Stratford-upon-Avon, Birmingham and Sheffield and am committed to helping Rosen Method be more widely known and available locally and globally.

Kate O'Shea, USA

I have been a member of the board in the past and currently I have returned as board member representing the ATG and I am the newest member of the executive team serving as secretary. I am a Senior Movement Training teacher, a Holistic Anatomy Teacher and soon to be Bodywork Training Teacher. I am on faculty at the Berkeley Center, The Monterey Center, the Open Center and the Russian Center. I have an active Rosen Bodywork practice and I have taught a Rosen Movement class in my community these past 20 years. I look forward to collaborating with an energetic Executive team and together, encouraging the life force of Rosen Method.

Karen Peters, USA

I joined the Board and the Executive Team as Secretary in 2022. Teaching Rosen Method movement classes in a touchstone in my life, a practice of embodied mindfulness, and a source of love and joy. Training Rosen Method movement teachers challenges me and allow me to dig ever deeper into exploring the freedom and life in each movement.

Maud Guettler, Switzerland and Germany

I have been a member of the Board since 2016, Vice President in 2017 and Board President from 2018-2021. I am the Director of Teaching in Switzerland and a member of the directorate of teaching team of the German school. I am very active in teaching in those two countries and have my own practice in Berlin, Germany. I speak French, Norwegian, German and English. The Rosen Method is for me a way of living or a posture towards life, not only a job.

Theresa Garcia, USA

I joined the Rosen Institute Board and Executive Team in 2017. I have been a Rosen Method Movement Teacher since 1998 and senior teacher trainer since 2006. I have been a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner since 2000 and senior teacher since 2014. I am a longtime faculty member at Rosen Method: the Berkeley Center, and Director of Teaching for the newly formed Rosen Method school in Mexico City. I offer private bodywork sessions and group movement classes in San Francisco. I am committed to contributing toward supporting and nurturing the growth of our exquisite, transformational work.

Sara Webb, USA

I have been a Rosen Institute Board Member since the beginning in 1983. I am a practitioner and Senior Teacher, representing the Berkeley Center. I am a long-time supporter of this global organization that preserves the legacy of Marion Rosen and keeps the quality standards for training practitioners and movement teachers worldwide. I appreciate the opportunity to serve this cause that I believe in so much.

Ivy Green, USA

I am joining the RI Board in 2016 to represent the All Teacher’s Group. As a Senior Teacher, part-owner of the east coast Rosen Method Open Center, and author of Relaxation Awareness Resilience: The Science and Practice of the Rosen Method, I am dedicated to strengthening our global organization so that our Method continues to have a supportive base from which to grow and flourish.

Lourdes Nicolau, Mexico

I am joining the Rosen Institute Board and I am excited with the possibility to promote the expansion of our precious work in the World, specially in Latin America. I am a Bodywork practitioner, Movement intern and the founder of the Rosen School in Mexico.

Mila Popović, Serbia

I am a Rosen Method Bodywork intern living and working in Belgrade, Serbia. Since my first contact with the Rosen Method, my vision was to introduce Rosen Method to Serbia. Now that our community counts many students and interns, as well as practitioners from the region, my new goal is to build a base and to support further development. I am happy to be a part of the Rosen family. I joined the board in April 2018 as a RMPAs representative.

Lejla Mulic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

It brought me immense joy joining the RI Board in 2018 all the way from the charming city of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have been an RM practitioner since November 2016, as well as being part of the curricula for teaching of RM Introductory Courses since March 2018. My extensive experience expands to practicing psychodrama and the principles of non-violent communication as well. Even though having a full time job in the area of finance, it hasn't stopped my love for my growth and work in the RM which brings me joy. I am happy to support and assist in spreading the peace work of RM, and in increasing the number of “Roses” in the Balkans.

Jetta van Hemert, USA

Jetta van Hemert is a Rosen Bodyworker as well as a Movement Teacher. She works towards becoming a Movement Teacher Instructor. She was a member of the North American RMPA in the past, and am dedicated to serving its community as a Member on the Board. She maintains a small Rosen Bodywork/Physical Therapy practice in her home and also teaches several Movement classes locally.

Anne Closset, France

I am a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner in Brussels since 2017. In 2018, I co-created the Professional Association of Practitioners of the Rosen Method France, the APPMRF, and I am its president. I also co-created the Method Rosen Belgium Association in 2018 and am part of the Board of Directors. I also have training in Gestalt therapy and in Psychopathology. I am amazed by the organic way in which Rosen leads us towards a better being and I am convinced that the method has a bright future ahead!

Leena Saxberg, Finland

I am a Rosen Bodywork Senior Teacher and a Rosen Movement Training Teacher. Also I am a Physiotherapist. I began my Rosen career in 1985 in Finland. Elaine Mayland and Marion Rosen were my main Teachers. I am still working with Rosen and taking care of our Rosen School in Finland. To me Rosen is a life style with its simplicity and depth. And that is what I am happy to share with others.

Elyze Stewart, USA

I came from Montréal, Canada in 1979 to study natural healing and massage in Santa Fe New Mexico. It was there that I studied and received sessions from Starr Blacker who had studied with Marion Rosen in California. Starr’s work was so profound and transformational that I decided to move to California to learn from Marion. I became a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner in 1990. I have also continued studying other modalities, mainly osteopathic and cranial sacral techniques and somatic oriented spiritual transformation. I have maintained a private practice in bodywork since 1980. I was very fortunate to be part of a small ongoing group that studied with Marion in her home and her country home from 2005 until Marion could no longer teach. We questioned and explored hands on how to go deeper with the work. I am also a Rosen Method Primary Supervisor and Bodywork teacher and learning Rosen Movement. Rosen Method is an ongoing journey that enriches and inspires my life. I feel eternally grateful.

Ruth Marion Rybarski, Austria

As a Rosen Bodywork Intern, I am honored to be part of the Rosen Institute representing the rather young but constantly growing Austrian Rosen School. Having studied psychology, drama and Jewish Studies in Vienna and the U.S. I shortly worked for the theater and afterwards for many years as a journalist for magazines and television specialising in art and culture for more than 25 years as a staff member of the Austrian Brodcasting Corporation ORF. I am also a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and trained psychological counsellor. Privately I support as actively as possible animal rights, human rights and ecological initiatives.

Anna Mattsson, Sweden

I became a member of the Board in January 2022. I am a Rosen Method workshop teacher and in training to become a certified Rosen Method teacher. I have a background in biological engineering and used to work as a product developer of wound care products. Since 2006 I have enjoyed being a Rosen Method practitioner in Göteborg, Sweden.

Franziska Gränicher, Switzerland

I live in Basel, the German-speaking border town to Germany and France. I am a practitioner of the Rosen-Method® bodywork since 2017, a Rosen-Movement® teacher since 2019 and a Board member of the Swiss RMPA since 2015, and as such, have been particularly involved in the project of official recognition of the Rosen-Method® by the Swiss authorities as complementary therapeutic bodywork. Unfortunately, the promising application process had to be cancelled after a thorough review of the legal divergences between Swiss educational law and international trademark law due to lack of compliance. The participation in the Global Congress 2017 in Tallinn gave me the terrific experience of the open and deeply human culture of encounter within the worldwide network of the Rose Method®. So now, especially after the times of the pandemic, I am looking forward to participate again physically in the inspiring global exchange at the upcoming Global Congress in Sarajevo and hopefully to meet most of the RI-board members in person.

Yara Shulman-Winer, Israel

I am an active Rosen Method practitioner, having completed my training in 2021. I am greatful for the endless layers I discover in the Method since I was introduced to it in 2012. Through the Method I follow the movement of life taking shapes in bodies and relationships. I am determined to help it develop and help spread its special quality of listening in Israel and worldwide. I am happy to take part in this collaborative Board. I am a Dance Movement Therapist and Alexander technique teacher too. I am on the Board, representing the Israeli School run by Roni Mosenson.