Online Movement Practicums

The Online Rosen Movement Curriculum Committee of the All Teachers Group is delighted to announce this exciting new opportunity for movement students and interns. 

Practicum groups need to be small in order to allow members time to student-teach. If the practicum you are interested in is full, or if you would like to join a practicum and do not see one that suits your needs, please contact Madeline Martin (, the practicum facilitator.

Beginners, advanced students, and interns are all welcome; certain practicums may be directed toward specific needs (e.g. there may be a group specifically for new students, or for interns, or it may be a mixed-levels group).

Confidentiality and container:  The practicum participants, leaders, and Senior Training Teachers all practice confidentiality, as is the Rosen community’s value and intention. Practicum leaders are in training under the guidance of Senior Training Teachers. Practicum leaders will meet quarterly with Senior Teachers to share their experiences, and the practicum participants’ progress will be held confidentially within that network of care.