Rosen Movement

Developed by health and wellness pioneer Marion Rosen, a Rosen Movement class centers on a selection of range-of-motion and stretching exercises. The hour-long class invites a person to notice how moving feels from the inside out, what has been described as a “work-in” rather than a workout.

A Rosen Method Movement class allows you to spend an hour of your day moving your body with gentle awareness to fun and inspiring music in the company of others.

The sequence of movements is designed to accomplish these goals: joint lubrication, chest and rib expansion, releasing of the diaphragm, muscle lengthening and relaxation, reshaping the body, and preparing for more strenuous exercise.

While Marion Rosen developed these classes so that her physical therapy clients could avoid re-injury and stay limber, Rosen Movement has become much more than that. Teachers of this modality have seen that moving bodies stay more flexible and continue to function with ease. This ease in the body seems to cultivate an equally fruitful ease in mind and spirit.