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Founded in 1983 The Rosen Institute protects and sustains the quality and standards of Rosen Method® worldwide.   The Rosen Institute is a vibrant and growing international organization with a Board of Directors from various countries. The Rosen Method, a modality founded by Marion Rosen,  is a unique approach to personal growth and improved wellness that includes both bodywork and movement. Teachers, practitioners and certified schools and training centers within a certified training framework uphold the quality of the training and the quality of practice of the Rosen Method.

Marion Rosen believed that Rosen Method could effect peace in the world, one heart, one nervous system at a time. The Rosen Institute seeks to keep this belief alive and well by supporting connection between the various schools and practitioners, and ensuring the high quality of Rosen Method.

Latest News

Next Webinar with Alan Fogel

Three Different Types of Embodied Self – Awareness: Part 2 With Senior Teacher Alan Fogel Tuesday, June 23rd @ 10am PDT / 19h CEST Alan was asked by the Rosen Institute to present two webinars based on his recent articles in the Rosen Method International Journal . This first webinar was devoted to a discussion about the first ... Read more

Black Lives Matter: We Are Listening and Stand With You

Over the past 2 weeks, US citizens across the country have taken to the streets to protest the wrongful death of George Floyd, police brutality, systemic racism and white supremacy.  The Rosen Institute stands with the Black community, communities of color, indigenous communities and all those refusing to remain silent on racial injustice.   Marion Rosen believed the Rosen ... Read more

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