History of the Rosen Institute

The Rosen Institute was founded in March 1983, when papers of incorporation were signed and its first officers were elected: Sandra Wooten, President; Elaine Mayland, Secretary; and Sue Brenner, Treasurer. The idea of creating an institute for Rosen Method was raised by Sandra Wooten in May 1982, not long after the first group of Marion Rosen’s students had committed to being trained.

The original ideas for the institute were not very different from the Rosen Institute’s current mission and vision. As Sandra Wooten has shared in her 1989 reflective article on Rosen History, those pioneers, with Marion’s blessing, aimed to support the work; to sustain the learning of the method into the future; and to honor that first group’s pledge to put the work out into the world.

Many of the students who first studied with Marion are still working in the schools within the extensive training framework, passing on their highly valued skills and knowledge to new participants in the Rosen community. Their expertise, dedication and commitment are valued and appreciated.