The Danish Center for Education in Rosen Method experiences a handover.

On September 1st, certified bodywork teacher Maja Skau-Olsen and practitioner Mette Kragelund, took over the ownership and management of the Danish center. They are happy to announce that the new Director of teaching is Senior teacher Anais Salibian from the Rosen Method Open Center in New York.

They give many thanks to the team who ran the center and offered courses over the last 6 years, namely Anni Aarup, Peter Toft Nielsen and Kirsten Falch. Anni will take a break for a while, but we are very pleased that Kirsten and Peter will continue to teach at the center.

Maja Skau-Olsen has helped start the center and has been part of the school management for 5 years. She was certified as a bodywork teacher in December 2015 in the independent teacher training program and is now in training to become Senior teacher.

Mette Kragelund, was certified as Rosen Method practitioner in 2010 and has since been assisting and translating at Rosen Method courses, both in Denmark and abroad. In addition, she is a board member of the Rosen Institute, representing the Danish RMPA.

They will continue to offer bodywork intensives, movement intensives and advanced workshops. They also have plans to further promote Rosen Method education in Denmark, as well as educating more workshop teachers.

Maja and Mette greet and appreciate the world wide community that we are a part of and hope to see both teachers, assistants and students from other countries in our intensives. Please connect with them if you want to know more – soon they will have a page on the website in English.