Announcing a US-based Research Study on Rosen Method Bodywork

This study, to be conducted by Susanna Smart, Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner Doctoral Candidate, Kent State University College of Nursing, Ohio, USA is designed to learn about the processes involved in Rosen Method Bodywork (RMB) as described by clients. Rosen Method practitioners have a good sense of what happens in sessions, but what sense do clients who are untrained in the bodywork experience have?

Please note that due to the requirements of her University program, the study is limited to the United States only. Susanna does hope to interview people from all across the US.

 The body of research on Rosen Method is gradually growing, and this study will add to it!  Doing research is slow and labor intensive – Susanna is honored to be doing her part!  And,…she needs your help.  (She is not able to interview her current or previous clients). 

 Participants in this study must have received at least five sessions and had no more than an introductory weekend of training in Rosen Method bodywork. Interviews will be conducted by Susanna Smart – Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner and doctoral student in nursing at Kent State University in Ohio. Interviews are confidential. Practitioners will not be informed by Susanna about which if any of their clients choose to participate in the study.  

Clients who would like to know more before deciding about participating can contact Susanna by phone or email. The flyer has all this information.

Susanna asks if you are a US Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner reading this, can you please think of your clients, current and past.  Who has been touched by your work and might be willing to share about that experience?  Perhaps a client you saw many years ago?  Or, maybe someone fairly new? Could you possibly let your clients know about this study and maybe circulate the attached flier? Many thanks come from Susanna for your help to support her project.