The New Ethics Document Is Here!

The much-awaited revised “Ethical Principles, Scope of Practice, and Code of Professional Conduct for Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement” has been published.

Many in the Rosen community have been waiting for a revision of the Ethics and Scope of Practice document for some years. The previous edition dated back to the mid-1990s, so an updated version was long overdue.

A highly motivated group of practitioners, senior teachers, and editors – from all over the world – met for more than a year to craft the new document. It went through many revisions in an effort to capture the most useful description and guidelines for the Rosen Method profession.

The editorial/rewriting committee sent their final draft to the Rosen Institute Board of Directors midyear 2014. This document was reviewed and revised by the Board over several meetings.  The policy will be periodically reviewed and revised, with changes made as and when required.

The Rosen Institute Board wants commitment and engagement with this important document. They encourage you to read it, study it, and use it in your practice.

We hope to develop course curriculum and opportunities to learn on this topic whereby Rosen Method professionals will be able to earn credits towards there continuing educational goals.

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Download a copy now.