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Continuing education is common in most professional fields, and bodywork is no exception. Rosen Method Bodywork practitioners and Movement teachers now have a robust, exciting program – to stay engaged and up to date on their work and healthcare trends in their communities.

Continual learning was a value long held by Marion Rosen and her first classes of students.  Most of these students have gone on to become the senior teaching leadership in the global Rosen community. In fact, the new CE program is based on guidelines that the All Teachers Group (ATG) – comprising all teachers of our modality – created and designed for themselves.

The international CE committee of the Rosen Institute Board of Directors worked on this project for several years, surveying the CE programs of many allied bodywork disciplines. Their recommendations form the basis of the new program, which was approved by the Board in early 2015.

Members in good standing of the Rosen Institute are encouraged to begin collecting CE credits now. Twenty hours of credit are required over a two-year period. The current period runs from 1 January 2015 to 1 January 2017. All members who were registered in 2014 can count any CE activity from that year.

Each person is expected to keep track of his/her own time period, hours, and progress. At least half of the hours will be Rosen Method–related.

In the first phase of this program, the RI Board and leadership are very interested in hearing from members about how it is going. Send your comments and questions to the Rosen Institute Board,, with CE in the subject line.

Download a copy of the guidelines now!

CE for Rosen Method Bodywork

CE for Rosen Method Movement

CE for Rosen Method teachers and trainers