Global Congress

The Global Congress is an international gathering of the worldwide Rosen community of interest. Typically, the week-long conference begins with a leaders’ discussion, followed by the meeting of all attendees. The Congress is always a unique opportunity for Rosen Method professionals to gather, meet new and old friends, share ideas, collaborate, and celebrate the practice of this wonderful modality.

The first Global Congress was held in Germany in 2004 on the occasion of founder Marion Rosen’s 90th birthday. The ones that followed took place in Finland in 2006, New York in 2008, United Kingdom in 2010, and Sweden in 2012.

 The Rosen Method Institute Canada hosted the Congress in 2014 in the resort town of Whistler, Canada. The Congress was shaped by its engaging theme ‘Embracing Our Roots, Growing Our Work, and Stepping Out’. Rosen Method students, interns, practitioners, movement teachers, teacher trainers, Rosen Institute Board members, and school and training center principals from 14 countries gathered and collaborated at this wonderful event.


In 2017, the Global Congress and Leaders Meeting was held in Tallinn, Estonia.  This event was organized by the Rosen Method School Finland and the Rosen Institute. The 5-day event was full of connection, collaboration and learning. Summaries of the keynote speeches can be found in our library.


In 2023, after a long delay due to the pandemic, the Rosen Method Global Congress was held in Sarajevo and convened over 130 Rosen people from 26 countries.  The Congress, jointly organized by the Rosen Institute and the Balkan Rosen Method Centar, offered a dynamic exploration of the Rosen Method under the theme ‘Peace Across Inner and Outer Borders.’

The congress included twenty engaging workshops, including two keynote presentations. The workshops covered a wide range of topics making it hard to choose which ones to attend. For the first time a teachers intensive was added, providing 32 participants, including workshop teachers and trainees, a dedicated two-day intensive to deepen their understanding of Rosen Method education. Throughout the event there were numerous opportunities for international connections, fostering new friendships, professional collaborations and exchanging sessions.

Outside of the Congress, attendees ventured into Sarajevo and surrounding areas to explore the local region.  On the final night, everyone enjoyed a city walking tour and wonderful dinner at a riverside restaurant, complemented by live music and dancing, creating memorable moments beyond the conference rooms.

The Balkan Rosen community and school extended the warmest welcome imaginable to the Congress group and openly shared their strength, energy and heart.  They told history of their home and the growth of Rosen in the region deepening everyone’s connection to place and enriching the overall congress experience beyond words.

The Congress was also offered in Bosnian or Serbian for the first time in its history with the help of 4 talented Rosen community members who translated the workshops and keynote presentations. This inclusive approach made the event more accessible for the local Rosen attendees, emphasizing a commitment to reach across more communities, cultures and language groups.

The Rosen Method Congress in Sarajevo not only deepened our understanding of the Rosen Method but also invigorated those present and reinforced the power and place of Rosen Method among us, in our communities and globally in a time when, for many, peace may seem at a distance.