Das Rosen Institut ist eine globale Organisation, welche die Rosen Methode und deren Qualitätsstandard weltweit fördert. MitgliederInnen, Praktizierende, Unterrichtende, StudentInnen und PraktikantInnen, SchulinhaberInnen und -LeiterInnen, MitarbeiterInnen der Rosen Methode Gemeinschaft unterstützen die Arbeit des Rosen Instituts durch jährliche Mitgliederbeiträge und freiwilligen Einsatz.

Der Vorstand beinhaltet Mitglieder aus drei Führungsgruppen: Gruppe der Lehrkräfte (ATG); die professionellen Berufsverbände der Rosen Methode (RMPAs); und die Ausbildungszentren.

Vorstandsmitglieder dienen üblicherweise zwei Jahre dem Vorstand, können jedoch durch die Wählerschaft ihre Teilnahme verlängern. Die Vertretung im Vorstand ist einem häufigen  Wechsel unterbreitet, damit möglichst viele Elemente der globalen Gemeinschaft einbezogen werden können.

Maud Guettler, Switzerland and Germany

I have been a member of the Board since 2016, Vice President in 2017 and Board President since 2018. I am the Director of Teaching in Switzerland and a member of the directorate of teaching team of the German school. I am very active in teaching in those two countries and have my own practice in Berlin, Germany. I speak French, Norwegian, German and English. The Rosen Method is for me a way of living or a posture towards life, not only a job.

Ingrid-Maria Nordgren, UK

I am a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, Supervisor and Senior Teacher as well as an Integrative Psychotherapist in private practice in London and Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. Having been involved as a Board representative and committee member in the past, I have now returned as a Member of the Board representing the All Teachers Group. I also serve on the Rosen Institute Executive Committee as the Vice President from 2018. I have deep personal gratitude to this work and would like to see Rosen Method reaching out to more people, more communities worldwide.

Kate O'Shea, USA

I have been a member of the board in the past and currently I have returned as board member representing the ATG and I am the newest member of the executive team serving as secretary. I am a Senior Movement Training teacher, a Holistic Anatomy Teacher and soon to be Bodywork Training Teacher. I am on faculty at the Berkeley Center, The Monterey Center, the Open Center and the Russian Center. I have an active Rosen Bodywork practice and I have taught a Rosen Movement class in my community these past 20 years. I look forward to collaborating with an energetic Executive team and together, encouraging the life force of Rosen Method.

Theresa Garcia, USA

I joined the Rosen Institute Board and Executive Team in 2017. I have been a Rosen Method Movement Teacher since 1998 and senior teacher trainer since 2006. I have been a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner since 2000 and senior teacher since 2014. I am a longtime faculty member at Rosen Method: the Berkeley Center, and Director of Teaching for the newly formed Rosen Method school in Mexico City. I offer private bodywork sessions and group movement classes in San Francisco. I am committed to contributing toward supporting and nurturing the growth of our exquisite, transformational work.

Anna Söderlind, Sweden

Anna Söderlind is a Rosen Method Practitioner in Stockholm, Sweden. She has been involved with the Rosen Method for more than 20 years. She studied with founder Marion Rosen.

Annabelle Apsion, United Kingdom

Annabelle Apsion is the co-founder of the Rosen Method UK training centre. She was trained in Europe and Scandinavia. As well as practicing Rosen in London and Brighton, she is a BAFTA-nominated actress.

Sara Webb, USA

I have been a Rosen Institute Board Member since the beginning in 1983. I am a practitioner and Senior Teacher, representing the Berkeley Center. I am a long-time supporter of this global organization that preserves the legacy of Marion Rosen and keeps the quality standards for training practitioners and movement teachers worldwide. I appreciate the opportunity to serve this cause that I believe in so much.

Ivy Green, USA

I am joining the RI Board in 2016 to represent the All Teacher’s Group. As a Senior Teacher, part-owner of the east coast Rosen Method Open Center, and author of Relaxation Awareness Resilience: The Science and Practice of the Rosen Method, I am dedicated to strengthening our global organization so that our Method continues to have a supportive base from which to grow and flourish.

Nadia Froidevaux, Switzerland

I have been a Rosen Method Switzerland Board member since 2015. As a RM Practitioner, Workshop Teacher, Swiss physical therapy therapist and World Traveler I am dedicated to stepping forward for the growth of Rosen Method locally and globally. I am committed to supporting the community with the Art of Healing and living Rosen Method.

Thierry Francois, France

I have been a Rosen Method practitioner since 2014 and I am just finishing my training in Rosen Method Movement. I know deeply that Rosen Method is more an Art of Life rather than a method and I try to experience each day like a session. At the same time, I am very involved in the development of the Rosen Method and I like to share my enthusiasm and to be connected all around the world. There are a few Rosen Method professionals in France but we are starting to gather in order to create a Rosen Method Professional Association.

Gisela Christiansen, Denmark

As representative of the Danish RMPA, I joined the RI Board recently, in May 2017. I look very much forward to hopefully being able to contribute to the impressive work of the Board. Certified in 2010, I work as Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner in my own clinic in Copenhagen. Since 2011, I have been a member of the Danish RMPA. There, I have been serving as a board member in various positions for many years. I am dedicated to spreading knowledge of the Rosen Method Bodywork.

Lourdes Nicolau, Mexico

I am joining the Rosen Institute Board and I am excited with the possibility to promote the expansion of our precious work in the World, specially in Latin America. I am a Bodywork practitioner, Movement intern and the founder of the Rosen School in Mexico.

Andrea Werner, Germany

As representative of the German RMPA, I joined the RI Board in January 2018. Certified in 2013, I work as a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner in my Private Practice in Würzburg, Germany and as a Physician in a Psychosomatic day clinic. Someone said: "Rosen Method is about love“. For me, this work is also about inner peace. It is a valuable part of this work, also for medicine.

Mila Popović, Serbia

I am a Rosen Method Bodywork intern living and working in Belgrade, Serbia. Since my first contact with the Rosen Method, my vision was to introduce Rosen Method to Serbia. Now that our community counts many students and interns, as well as practitioners from the region, my new goal is to build a base and to support further development. I am happy to be a part of the Rosen family. I joined the board in April 2018 as a RMPAs representative.

Lejla Mulic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

It brought me immense joy joining the RI Board in 2018 all the way from the charming city of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have been an RM practitioner since November 2016, as well as being part of the curricula for teaching of RM Introductory Courses since March 2018. My extensive experience expands to practicing psychodrama and the principles of non-violent communication as well. Even though having a full time job in the area of finance, it hasn't stopped my love for my growth and work in the RM which brings me joy. I am happy to support and assist in spreading the peace work of RM, and in increasing the number of “Roses” in the Balkans.

Mette Finnebråten, Norway

My name is Mette Finnebråten and I am 57 years old. I am a practitioner since 2019 and I am in the board of NRF from 2019. I have been working with people since I was 17 and as an Optometrist for 35 years. Now I want too focus on rosen and too be a part of the glabal work.

Jetta van Hemert, USA

Jetta van Hemert is a Rosen Bodyworker as well as a Movement Teacher. She works towards becoming a Movement Teacher Instructor. She was a member of the North American RMPA in the past, and am dedicated to serving its community as a Member on the Board. She maintains a small Rosen Bodywork/Physical Therapy practice in her home and also teaches several Movement classes locally.