Would you attend a Rosen Method Global Congress in 2023?

In 2020, the Rosen Institute, in cooperation with the Balkan Rosen Method school, began to plan a Global Congress in Sarajevo.  Unfortunately, these plans were interrupted by Covid.  Two years later, we know the desire to come together with Rosen friends and colleagues is strong.  We now think it is time to again look at planning a Congress in Sarajevo for 2023.

We would like to hear your thoughts.  If we start to plan this event, we want to find a set of dates that work best for the largest amount of people.

The event will include a 2-day teachers intensive, followed by a 1-day Leaders Conference, followed by the 4-day Congress.  The Leaders Conference is open to Rosen Method teachers, school owners and RMPA representatives.


Thank you for your help! We will let you know more as soon as possible once we have received the professional community’s feedback.