What’s Happening for Summer 2018 – New Webinars and Great Milestones

In February of this year Alan Fogel, Bodywork Practitioner and Senior Teacher gave a wonderful webinar on using your own embodied experience as a guide to working with clients in Rosen Method Bodywork.  The video is now online in the member area to view.  Just login to watch the webinar and see all the great resources and information housed in this new section of the website!

Upcoming Continuing Education Webinar with Ivy Green

Body Memory and the Present Moment of Experience

Thursday, June 28th, 10:30am – 12pm PST


In Rosen Method we access our clients’ body memory systems when we use our touch and words to help our clients feel/sense into their bodies.  Body memory is a largely nonconscious system which remembers important emotional and sensory experiences and muscle movements by recreating them (doing them again) in the present moment.  Body memories do not feel to our clients like memories, instead, these body memories feel like current sensations and feelings happening in the present.

This talk explores how we can help our clients understand how body memory functions, so that they can begin to see the difference between what they have experienced in the past and what they are experiencing in the present, under our hands. Neurological research confirms that healing change can only occur in the present moment of experience.  In Rosen Method we allow our clients to safely access past body memories while they are simultaneously having a new experience of receiving acceptance and support.  This builds our clients’ capacities to bring acceptance and support to themselves, and creates new body memories of more life-affirming experiences in the present.

Points we will discuss:

  • What are the different systems of memory?
  • How do body memories and verbal memories differ?
  • How do the different systems of memory work together?
  • How are traumatic memories formed and recalled?
  • What are flashback and trigger memories?
  • Can memories change?
  • If memories can change, how does those changes effect the way our clients live their lives?

Meet the RI Executive Team – Thank you for coming!

We would like to thank everyone who attended one of the ‘Meet the RI ET’ meetings.  It was a pleasure to see and hear from so many of you around the world.

The feedback regarding the meetings was very positive and considering that many people were not able to attend we plan to host another set of meetings in Fall 2018.  We look forward to continuing to connect with members and beyond to help Rosen Method grow in your communities.

New Milestones for the Russian School

The Russian school just finished their Spring Intensive.  It was the biggest Intensive ever held by the school with 29 participants – 21 students, 4 assistants, one translator, 1 teacher trainee and 2 teachers.  A wonderful milestone for the Russian school.

Not only was the intensive the largest ever but the school for the first time in its history has 11 interns!  Congratulations to the school and all the interns and students dedicated to Rosen Method education.  We look forward to receiving more news about their progress!

Summer 2018 Events

Please check out the RI Events Calendar for all the great events happening in 2018.