Webinar – Exploring the Emotional Anatomy of the Ilio-Psoas Muscle

with Senior Teacher Maja Skau-Olsen. January 22nd @ 10:30am PST/19.30h CEST

In this webinar, Maja will look at the Ilio-Psoas muscle: what it looks like and how to connect to it. And why this understanding can be useful for us in our work as Rosen practitioners.

The webinar will look at the physical structures: where it is situated in the body, from which bones it originates and where it inserts. Having a clear visual understanding about the structures will help us connect to it.

Maja will talk about the movements this muscles takes part in, and what becomes difficult or painful, when the muscle is tense. How the body looks when the muscle is tense and how we can connect to the muscle, when it is mainly situated deep inside the abdomen and the pelvis. Finally Maja will link this knowledge of the physical structure and function to what kind of emotional states we are holding when the muscle is tense (barriers), and what kind of qualities (potentials) we can access in ourselves, when the muscle is allowed to function freely.