The 2022 Annual Report is here!


Last year the Rosen Institute had some wonderful accomplishments with the help of our amazing members.  Read highlights of the report below or login to the members area to view the complete report including a message from our Board President, Mette Finnebråten.


Membership numbers increased in 2022 especially among students; student members almost tripled in 2022. This is, in part, due to the work of schools to promote and share information about the Rosen Institute. We continue to strengthen our communication with all the schools and thank the schools for their support. Membership numbers continue to display an upward trend and we thank all our members wholeheartedly.

Mentorship Program

The mentorship program, founded and headed by US bodywork practitioner Betty Ross, began in 2011 and has helped over 70 individuals.  The program is open to all certified Rosen Method professionals and is free. In 2022, Claire and Betty worked closely together to expand the program, especially to languages other than English. They created a brochure, an online application and met with the ATG to encourage teachers to share information with their students. The program currently serves 24 mentorship pairs and it is hoped that more can be added in 2023. To learn more and apply, visit the RI website.



Schools and Training Centers

The work of the schools is vital to the growth of Rosen Method and each school has a dedicated group of teachers and administrators that support their students and interns with such passion and care. In 2022, two schools decided to close their doors: the Canadian school and the Norwegian school. The Rosen Institute is working closely with the teaching teams from these schools to ensure that students and interns can receive the support they need to continue their studies. The schools and training centers embody the future of Rosen Method and the RI is always looking for ways to improve our support of their growth and longevity.


Certificate requests decreased slightly in 2022 which is an effect of the pandemic on the training cycle.  In 2022, most students graduated from European schools; the Swedish, German and Norwegian schools had the most graduates but almost every school had at least one graduate during the year.

Bodywork Practitioner 21
Movement Teacher 2
Workshop Teacher 5