Rosen Method Mentorship Program Goes International

The Rosen Institute spoke with Betty Ross, RI Board Member and coordinator of the Rosen Method Mentorship program in October of 2015. Since then the program has grown and Betty has been matching mentors and mentees across the US.

She is now looking to expand the program and is hoping to begin matching more people in Europe and beyond. The program took its first steps in January of 2011. Its primary purpose was to support new practitioners and movement teachers.   Mentors would assist new graduates with a variety of needs: talking about a client, how to expand their practices, how to improve their movement classes, and/or how one’s personal life could affect their professional career.

Since then, the program has evolved to encompass not only new practitioners and movement teachers but also anyone looking for support and encouragement. A very experienced practitioner or movement teacher can support a practitioner or movement teacher of many years if that is what is needed. Matching mentors and mentees is based on needs; oftentimes it is helpful to pair people who have not met before, attended different schools or even reside in different countries. Pairs are encouraged to not only connect by phone but by Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. If more face-to-face time is helpful then a mentor who resides in the same area may be best.

The program has steadily grown since 2011 and it is hoped that in 2017, 50 participants will reap the benefits of ongoing support and meaningful one-to-one support. Below are some of the wonderful experiences participating in the program has given Rosen Method professionals. Betty is excited to take the program international.

To learn more about the Mentorship program, please contact Betty Ross:               or 914-582-1118.


Below are a couple testimonials from mentors and mentees who have participated in the program.

“As a Bodywork Senior Teacher, I have mentored many students, interns, and practitioners. Participating as a mentor in the Rosen Mentorship Program, however, has been a different type of experience. The scope of my conversations with my mentee goes beyond teaching to encompass broader life issues and shared interests. Because this relationship is not constrained by training requirements, the two of us are freer to define the terms of how and when we connect to provide benefits for both. I highly recommend participation in this program, for both mentors and mentees.

I have been paired with the same Rosen Practitioner for several years. She and I talk once a month and with the benefit of time, intentional focus, her willingness to include all of her life experiences in our talks, we both feel engaged in a relationship unfolding into more freedom and clarity. As a mentor, I feel the excitement of being allowed into a personal process and encouraged to be creative in partnership. We talk about her clients, her outreach, her larger connections to Rosen Method through her community and her school / training experiences — all rich material. I like how slow we can be — even and particularly because we are on the phone — to get to the emotional heart of these issues. Being part of this program has increased my sense of belonging and contributing to the creation of a community of Rosen Method practitioners.”

“As always I find the program to be wonderful and so enjoy discussing thoughts and ideas that arise as I deepened my Rosen bodywork. I had a few life challenges that arose to assist me in my personal growth the past few months and my mentor was a beautiful open vessel with whom I felt safe enough to share what I was going through. While she was not physically available to give me a bodywork session as we live in different states I felt as though I received a session through her listening and holding a safe place for me to release what I needed to release.

What a wonderful gift! I always look forward to our talks and sharing what each of us has learned through different classes or workshops we have attended. My expectations have been met and more. Dialoguing over an extended period of time has allowed us to take the conversation deeper. We have touched deep feelings and experiences for each of us. Also the time allows the range of the conversation of Rosen Method to broaden beyond discussing only client/practitioner relationship.”