Postcard from an Intensive

This is the first in a series of ‘Postcards’ we will be sharing. We wanted to hear more from our members involved in Intensives around the world and we are happy to have received your responses.

We would like to give a big thank you to Jetta van Hemert, who shared the below postcard from an Intensive held in Scranton, Pennsylvania in April, 2016.


Kate O’Shea and Jetta van Hemert, (newly apprenticed) were invited to the Open School Rosen Movement Intensive that was organized by Ann Hawk. It took place from April 14-19th in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Yellow TreesAnn, single handedly, started a Rosen Bodywork and Movement program in Pennsylvania and it takes place on the lovely grounds of Marywood University in Scranton. Students came from the Scranton area, Colorado, New York State, and Virginia. This time we had reason to celebrate the first graduate of the Movement program: Priscilla Varland. She taught an excellent class, and is obviously on top of the many intricacies of teaching Rosen Movement.

As always, Kate was an inspiring teacher, incorporating the Bodywork in the Movement with special segments of diaphragm movements, bringing in background research with related video’s about breathing the diaphragm. She even coined the expression “ The Rosen effect”, which happens when the ease and fun of the movement matches your inner rhythm, and flow happens!

Our students were especially appreciative of the safe container that Kate and Ann had provided and expressed that in numerous ways, one of this the poem that Kathryn Foley wrote for us:

-The Door-

We arrive at the school,

some have been there before.

We leave busy lives

outside the Door

Bag and baggage

Mats, music, and more.

Time to settle down

and shut the Door

What is your name?

Have you been here before?

You will love this intensive,

Just inside the Door

We have Kate and now Jetta,

could we ask for more.

There is a group down the hall,

should we lock the Door?

Our music is started,

We move around the floor

All laughing and dancing,

Behind the locked Door

Its’ time for a break now,

We’ll come back for more.

After cheese crackers and fruit,

We gather again, behind the Door

The days all slide by now,

like never before.

And soon we must go back,

outside the Door.

To lives we are used to,

With riches galore,

From that which we gathered,

behind the locked door.

So thank you, to Ann,

For the room and the floor,

but most of all,

for the safe Door


As gathered by Jetta van Hemert, Rosen Movement teacher apprentice