Next Webinar with Alan Fogel

Three Different Types of Embodied Self – Awareness: Part 2

With Senior Teacher Alan Fogel

Tuesday, June 23rd @ 10am PDT / 19h CEST

Alan was asked by the Rosen Institute to present two webinars based on his recent articles in the Rosen Method International Journal . This first webinar was devoted to a discussion about the first article, Three States of Embodied Self-Awareness in Rosen Method Bodywork: Part 1: Practitioner Observations of their Clients. This second webinar will be devoted to Part 2: Practitioner Observations of their own Experiences.

These practitioners wrote detailed notes following each bodywork session about what they observed in their clients and about their own experiences when with the clients. Alan’s study of these writings led to the discovery of three different ways in which clients and practitioners experienced their embodied awareness during each session. 

Alan will begin the webinar with a summary of the most important findings of Part 2. The majority of the webinar will be for participant questions (1) about the content of the articles, (2) about participants’ personal reactions to that content, and (3) about general applications to the practice of RMB or about how to work with specific clients.


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