Next RI Webinar – Playful RoZen Webinar Series – Part 2 – Feb 3

Part  2 on February 3rd  @ 10am PST/19h CET


Please join us for a repeat and elaboration of the 1st Webinar-Conversation. In Part-2, on Feb 3rd, we will revisit the themes from Part-1 and go more gradually, taking our time so more participants can join in with their experiences and reflections.

We have designed the series so that you can join our webinar-conversations at any place in the sequence of 4 conversations. The whole series of 4 webinars through the year will feel like walking around the dial of a clock to discover the cycles of time. The sequence of development will not be a linear climb up a ladder where you cannot  get to the next steps and rungs of the ladder if you missed the earlier steps and rungs of the ladder.  Please join when you can and when your schedule of life and work allow you to join us. We will host you in the circle of conversation and its growth.”


The Playful RoZen group is a circle of RoZen Explorers and Seekers which got going two years ago at the beginning of the pandemic and zoom era. We have been exploring and talking bi-weekly for an hour for two years now. And are ready to share some of our conversations.

The circle of facilitators for this Webinar series are: Carol Cober (MD, USA), Karen Peters (CA, USA), Deborah Marks (CA, USA), Aure St. John (Praristino, Italy), and Alok Srivastava (CA, USA).