Next RI Webinar – Playful RoZen Webinar Series – Part 2 – Feb 3

Part  2 on February 3rd  @ 10am PST/19h CET


Second in a series of 4 webinars under the name: Playful RoZen Webinar Series.

The Playful RoZen group is a circle of RoZen Explorers and Seekers which got going two years ago at the beginning of the pandemic and zoom era. We have been exploring and talking bi-weekly for an hour for two years now. And are ready to share some of our conversations.

The circle of facilitators for this Webinar series are: Carol Cober (MD, USA), Karen Peters (CA, USA), Deborah Marks (CA, USA), Aure St. John (Praristino, Italy), and Alok Srivastava (CA, USA).

The style of exploration and conversation during the Webinar is inspired by Rosen Movement class where the leading teacher and the participants take turns mobilizing the circle and co-construct the full experience. The 5 hosts will share some insights and welcome a lot of participation and contribution by the audience.

The lines of exploration of this webinar will be the relation between women pioneers in body based person care like Marion Rosen, Virginia Satir and Elsa Gindler and the discovery in the late 1990s by Shelley Taylor and her research group at UCLA that women respond to stress and threat differently than the male of the species do – Women often do not respond in the flight and flight way, instead when faced with threat and stress, women usually tend & befriend, and care and share for the people they are with.

A bit of background: Somehow, over the last 50 years the principles and lore of trauma care has been developed in separation from the creativity and play aspects of human vitality and flourishing. And the trauma recovery work has been organized under the fight, flight, and freeze narrative frame of response to stress and threat. However, many women pioneers of body based personal care, like Marion have developed traditions where people either in pairs or in circles engage in tend and befriend behavior – they make and cultivate relationships rather than stay separate and alone. We at the Playful Rozen discussion group have been discussing and exploring this pattern and research and are ready to invite you into the conversation. Please come!