New Movement Teacher Practicums

The Online Rosen Movement Curriculum Committee of the All Teachers Group is delighted to announce this exciting new opportunity for movement students and interns.  Practicums consist of a small group of participants meeting to take turns practice-teaching sections of a movement class. They are a safe place, a laboratory, for deepening and expanding your learning of how to teach Rosen Movement. It is an opportunity to meet and connect with students from other schools and our international community, to support and be supported.  Each practicum series spans several months, so that each group has continuity and a container of safety.  

There are a variety of new offerings to further your practice and learning of Rosen Method Movement now available worldwide. On the RI website, we will list practicums for various levels of learning. Very reasonably priced, they will be led by talented and passionate RMM teachers who are learning to train Rosen Movement teachers. If you are interested in joining a practicum, please contact that practicum’s leader (listed on the RI website).

If you are interested in having one created at a different time or around a specific topic, please contact Madeline Martin, the practicum facilitator (