NEW DATE – May 26th next Fireside Chat

RMIJ Second Fireside Chat

May 26, 2021

10:30-12PM PST / 19.30h – 21h CEST

“Variety is the Spice of Life: Emerging Conversations about Gender/Race/Class in

Rosen Practice and Why it Matters”

Come meet Gail Bourque, author,  and the other members of the Rosen Method Gender Identity group, which has been meeting for over a year. See Gail’s article in  the February 2020 issue of RMIJ, here in pdf: ).

Here are some questions that the Rosen Method Gender Group has been working on together:

– Have you ever thought about gender variation and gender identity issues in terms of how they might be relevant to Rosen practice?

– How much do we have to be able to understand about gender identities to do our Rosen work? 

– Are you interested in looking at pronouns together and learning some non-binary basics?

– What does intersectionality actually mean in relation to being a Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement practitioner?

Bring your curiosity, questions, and experience(s) of gender and of difference–all are welcome.