Rosen Method Introductory Workshop – Somatic Awareness – Sheffield, UK

During the weekend we will explore some of the core principles of Rosen Method, have demonstrations, practice in pairs, share experiences and have time for questions.  A weekend exploring Rosen Method allows our nervous system to slow down so we can sink into an inner place of safety and surrender.  As we relax, we can soften our barriers to life and to feeling reflected in unconscious habits of physical tension, such as tight shoulders or headaches

The workshop will introduce and explore:

  • How emotion show up in the body
  • Touch to rebalance our nervous system
  • How to ‘speak’ to our bodies
  • How to see and feel the connection between relaxation and the natural breath
  • The role of verbal touch
  • How to listen to our inner voice
  • Authentic self expression
  • How to create a different relationship with our body
  • Our body as our best friend and very wise teacher

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Please call or email if you have any questions about the workshop or to find out if it is suitable for you.

For details, booking or payments please contact Frances Goodall (Workshop Organiser)



25 Montgomery Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S7 1LN, United Kingdom