Residential Bodywork Intensive – Penngrove, CA (near Petaluma)

This summer the Residential Retreat is taking place at a new venue in Sonoma County in Penngrove, California. The teachers, Sara Webb and Cassie Scott, are continuing a tradition that Marion Rosen embraced — sharing Rosen Method in a beautiful setting surrounded by flowering gardens and rolling golden hills. A Rosen Intensive is a remarkable opportunity to learn this bodywork in an in-depth format over a seven-day period. Rosen Method develops your capacity for self-awareness through gentle direct touch, joyful movement, and dialog. We will explore the essence of Marion Rosen’s understanding of the body-mind connection through demonstrations, shared discussion and supervised practice. The Intensive offers the possibility to learn in an environment of natural beauty, transformation and community.

It is one component of a complete training program in Rosen Method bodywork. This course is open to both career-track students and those who are interested in personal growth.

Sara Webb is one of the directors of the Rosen Berkeley Center, and she was Marion Rosen’s first student! She has practiced and taught Rosen Method all her professional life.

Cassie Scott will be traveling from Toronto to bring her knowledge of Rosen Method to students here. Scott is a Rosen teacher-candidate, has an MA in psychology and is currently enrolled in a Massage Licensing program in Toronto.

Cassie has been a Rosen Method practitioner since 2007 and continues to be inspired by the transformation that can occur through the deep listening and attuned touch of Rosen. I am thrilled to be deepening my engagement with Rosen Method through being a teacher-in-training. My work is supported by long-time meditation, yoga and writing practices.  These two teachers bring a richness to the class through creative ways of teaching Rosen Method that are very complementary.

An application process is required for first-time participants. Tuition is $1400. The course runs from Sunday morning through the following Sunday afternoon.* The tuition includes lodging and one catered meal per day.

Rosen Method begins with the individual and his or her own growth, but it doesn’t stop there. The individual’s growth leads to action, and those actions cause a ripple effect in the world; the possibilities are unending  

— Marion Rosen

* Registration is due by May 30th, with a late fee of $50 for applications received after that. $250 of the tuition is a nonrefundable deposit. The course minimum is 8 students, with a maximum of 16. Reserve your place soon!