ONLINE Weekend Workshop – Rosen Method UK

Exploring How we use language and dialogue in Rosen Method

May 28-29 from 2 pm – 7.30 pm UK time (with breaks) / 9 am -2.30 pm EST
Cost: £80 early bird rate then £120

Rosen words go deep – they are often felt in the body – they can be a bridge between the conscious and the non-conscious.  Remove the ‘cushions’ to your words so that you don’t have to ‘excuse’ yourself as you speak. 

The crafting and art of using language as “the third hand” in Rosen Method, as Marion Rosen described the way we talk with clients, is a skill you can use in everyday life as well as when you practise Rosen Method.

Explore how you use words to convey meaning and to ‘touch’ another.

What is difficult to say or acknowledge?

What is difficult to hear or take in?

How can words and dialogue deepen our felt process rather than lead us away from our body and somatic awareness?

How can we listen and feel at the same time? How can we speak without losing connection to our feelings and becoming inarticulate or confused?

Our body recognises when we speak authentically; what are the cues our body gives us and how can we listen to both our body and another’s at the same time? How can words deepen connection and amplify our awareness? 

Many people find how we use words the most difficult aspect of learning Rosen Method to a professional level. Join us to explore some of the values Rosen Method ‘words’ convey.

Workshop suitable for practitioners, interns, students and clients of Rosen Method. 

IMPORTANT: Please book now so that we can send you some pre workshop material to enjoy and explore prior to the workshop. 

To begin your journey with Rosen Method and words book now. 
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