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Even the best of us can neglect key aspects of self care reflected in not making time for what or who we love, going beyond our limits..again…getting stuck in a loop of busyness and continually forgetting to prioritise what makes us truly happy….  

Self- Care and Rosen Method Workshop (International participants welcome) For those with experience in Rosen Method.

May 14th 1.30 – 7.30 pm UK time (with break) / 8.30 am – 2.30 pm EST
Cost: £60 Early bird until April 14th thereafter £80
and August 27th Early bird til July 27th thereafter £80

What and who is the ‘self’ we care for in Rosen Method and how can Rosen Method be used to care for the self?

We will continue to explore the value of self care and finding simple protocols to enhance our embodied awareness: to naturally orientate us towards a life lived with self care as a founding principle rather than an afterthought…

The Self-Care workshops include pre and post workshop material to experiment with ahead of the class. They are aimed at supporting us in our Rosen practice and in our daily life with creative ways we can use our body-mind skills.

We will utilise different elements of Rosen Method in a playful way to ground us in joy and keep us resourced and inspired by our own self care.

What you will need..

Yoga mat, painting materials, a writing pad, comfy clothes  and space to move.

Picture  – Rosen Self Care –  by Carol Cober 

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