Continuing Education Weekend – High Sensitivity – Berlin, Germany

This year’s continuing education weekend will address the theme of “high sensitivity”

Last year a student brought up this subject during an intensive. When the definition of high sensitivity was read in the class, it made Maud Guettler, Senior Bodywork Teacher, realize that those attributes are exactly the qualities we develop as Rosen Method professionals.

She has invited senior Rosen Method teacher Maija Frauenknecht from Finland to co-teach this workshop.

During the three days they will look at what is known about high sensitivity. What are the different theories about it? What takes place in the body? What is specific to high sensitive clients?  How can we these concepts be integrated into our work and how can it help to deepen the process? 

Dates:  August 30 – September 1, 2019.

Place: Berlin, Stresemannstr. 21,10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg