Anatomy and Expression Workshop – Rosen Method Institute Canada

July 13th – 17th, 2016 at the Cascadia Centre in Roberts Creek, British Columbia.

The Anatomy and Expression training gathers insights on anatomy and physiology from the foremost contributors to somatic psychology.  Each section is taught using a blend of theory and experiential learning including body rolling and movement to engage the tissues, as well as building muscles in plasticine clay using the Maniken teaching skeleton.  Applied practice will include embodiment exercises from a wide range of somatic practices, including a special focus on Rosen Method Movement.  This training follows the organization of the human organism from birth to adulthood with a focus on how charge moves through the body, and includes anatomy related to the development of body compartments and bands.  You will also explore how habit and trauma distort the structural and energetic organization of the body.

For more information please contact the Rosen Method Institute Canada or visit their website

1249 Roberts Creek Road, Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada