Call for Workshop Proposals

The Global Congress organizing committee is keen to open the call for workshop proposals.  We want to ensure you have ample time to design engaging workshops that highlight the unique knowledge and skills you would like to share.  

The Global Congress workshops will be chosen by Maud Guettler, RI President, along with Annika Minnbergh, Senior Bodywork Teacher and Lotta Johansson, Certified Bodywork Teacher, from the Swedish Rosen Method school.  Annika, Lotta and Yrsa Kjerrgren offered the first intensive in Sarajevo in 2005. They have been integral to the growth of the training and have diligently supported the RM community in the Balkan region over the past 15 years. 

Below is a general description of what the workshop committee will be looking for and all the information needed to submit a complete proposal.  Any questions that arise can be sent to Claire Palo, RI administrator:

Please be sure to read the following criteria carefully and try to include as much of the requested information as you can.  This will help the committee to make an informed decision within the proposed timeline so you can be notified promptly. 

Please make sure to complete the submission cover sheet to accompany your proposal.


Important Dates and Deadlines

All completed proposals must be submitted to by April 30, 2020.  The workshop committee will notify everyone who submitted a proposal of their decision by June 30, 2020. 

Workshop Proposal Criteria

The Call for Proposals is open to all, be they teachers, practitioners, movement teachers, interns or students.  We ask that you submit a bio highlighting your qualifications, specifically as they relate to your proposed workshop topic. 

Workshops can be presented in English or Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian with English translation.  The Global Congress Committee will organize all translation for the Congress.  All workshop proposals must be submitted in English.

Workshop Focus

The 2020 Theme

The theme of this year’s congress is “Peace Across Inner and Outer Borders”.  As much as possible, we want to see this theme incorporated into your workshops. 

As Marion so aptly expressed:

“Rosen work does transform people.  People get in touch with their feelings, especially with the ones they have not expressed in a long time.  Especially love.  Then their lives change and their surroundings change.  They have an impact on the people around them.  Where ever they are there is more communication, more understanding and more acceptance.

My vision is that this will not only happen in their immediate surroundings but it will spread through the world.  This is a drop in the effort to change the world.  This force transforms hatred into the urgency to never having to hate again. 

There is another aspect in this work.  When you relax and let your diaphragm work, you get a feeling of trust and often there comes a state of surrender and people say ‘I am at peace now’.  In that state you get in touch with something beyond your self which you can call the universe.  A higher power of God.”

The theme has great significance, not only within the cultural and historical context of the Balkan region, but also across the changing landscape of our lived experiences in today’s globalizing context. 

Creating Space

In light of the 2020 theme, the Global Congress Committee has decided to shift focus away from the area of trauma studies to ensure that space is given to address the person/client thereby moving beyond the presence and experience of trauma.  Trauma and the discussion of its effects remain a relevant and important topic but can take up significant space across the spectrum of issues related to the client experience and the professional development of Rosen professionals. Therefore, for this congress we would like to direct our focus to other important areas of study.

Workshop Duration

Most workshops should be kept to 1.5 hours.  There may be room in the schedule to have a limited number of 2-hour workshops.  If you feel that your topic needs 2 hours, please be sure to clearly explain why in your proposal.

Delivery Methods and Materials

We want to know how you will deliver your material to your participants.  Is this a participatory/interactive workshop, a lecture, or seminar/discussion.  What kinds of activities will you incorporate? 

Will you use PowerPoint, apps, video, audio, a white board etc.? Will you need tables, chairs, easel pads (large paper for group brainstorming) etc?  The more information we have of your needs the better we can plan. 

Please submit the SUBMISSION COVER SHEET along with your proposal and any accompanying documents to Claire Palo, RI Administrator: