About Membership

The Rosen Institute is supported by members in more than 23 countries around the world. This support is given through membership dues, in-kind and monetary donations and by dedicated volunteers who give many hours to growing Rosen Method locally and globally.

Membership to the Rosen Institute is open to:

  • Rosen Method students
  • Bodywork and movement interns
  • Bodywork practitioners and movement teachers
  • Teachers/trainers
  • Senior teachers/trainers
  • Schools and training centers (required)

Associate Membership is also offered to

  • Retired Rosen Method professionals
  • Those studying Rosen Method for personal growth (not on professional career track)
  • Individuals or organizations that wish to support the Rosen Institute and Rosen Method

Rosen Institute policy stipulates that all interns, teachers, practitioners, and supervisors working with interns, who are engaged in the training framework must be members in good standing.

Why join the Rosen Institute? Rosen Institute members, with their annual membership dues, demonstrably support the growth of Rosen Method worldwide. Annual dues make a necessary contribution to funding the ongoing daily operations and larger projects of the Rosen Institute including:

  • Maintenance of the Service Mark in over 20 countries;
  • Policy development to support and protect professionals in their Rosen Method practice and training and clients who benefit from Rosen Method;
  • Management of the Rosen Institute website
  • Development of continuing education resources, Rosen Method marketing materials and events including the Global Congress every 3 years. 
  • Fostering and coordinating effective and necessary communication among all facets of our global community; and
  • Engagement with the training framework of the Rosen Institute and certified schools and training centers offering Rosen education and certifying graduates at all levels.

All of the above ensures standards in practice and training are met and quality is maintained. Based on this foundation, the Rosen Institute seeks to maintain and grow a vibrant community of professional peers, teachers, students and interns who are dedicated to Rosen Method and its development. Member contributions and, equally important, member engagement with the Rosen Institute bring life and energy to our work.

Rosen Institute Membership Benefits

  • Access to our Members-only area of the website that houses all RI webinar videos, continuing education resources and career development tools including customizable marketing brochures and resources.
  • Interns, practitioners, Movement teachers and all teachers have the option to be listed in our international Member Directory.
  • Free participation at continuing education webinars and access to all webinar recordings
  • Assurance that your work and career are backed by a professional organization that cares about the quality of work of all practitioners, teachers and trainers worldwide.
  • Access to and support for the Rosen Method mentorship program (available to all Rosen certified Rosen professionals)
  • Satisfaction of knowing that your membership is a vital contribution to help grow Rosen Method locally and globally.

Membership Fees – As of January 1, 2023

Certified and Senior Bodywork and Movement Teachers     €175

Bodywork Practitioners and Movement Teachers     €125

Interns     €50

Students     €15

Associate ‘Friend of Rosen’     €35