Rosen Method International Journal

Editorial Staff

Annabelle Apsion - Acting Editor

Annabelle is an actress, writer and Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, Supervisor, and Senior Teacher. Annabelle discovered Rosen Method ‘by accident’ thinking she was attending a massage course. She became fascinated by the way Rosen touch and the presence of the teacher/practitioner can help access profound feelings of interconnection, self awareness and insightfulness, as well as leading to unique states of restorative relaxation and well-being. The dance between the inner and outer sense of self, and between self and other, continues to fascinate her. Annabelle pursued the training in Rosen Method initially simply out of curiosity, and once qualified as a practitioner continued her interest becoming a teacher and then Senior Teacher. Annabelle co founded Rosen training and workshops in the United Kingdom. Annabelle was part of the original Board team when the Journal was first established, and was invited to rejoin the Board in 2018. Annabelle has also served on the Rosen Institute Board and various sub committee’s. You can contact Annabelle at

Carol Cober, MS, LPC, LMT - Editor Emeritus

Carol Cober MS, LPC, LMT is a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, psychotherapist and manager of a consulting business in a suburb of Washington, DC. She trained at the RM Southwest School in New Mexico. She has worked as a program administrator, evaluator and trainer for national programs focused on gerontology and advocacy with people with disabilities and their families. Her consulting business specializes in collaborative evaluation, training and grant project design. Her research interests include creativity as a wellness strategy for dynamic aging, building intergenerational community and recovering embodied joy after grief and trauma. As a trainer she leads retreats and workshops on creative renewal, embodied arts and using creative expression to build all ages community connections. She is committed to leadership and co-founded a statewide Community of practice for leaders of aging in community programs. As a painter who also enjoys art journaling she looks forward to vacations when she has more time to paint and enjoy time with her husband and three grown children. Celebrating each day with movement and art are her favorite stress reduction strategies. Contact her at:

John Bosman - Editorial Advisory Board

John was certified as a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner and Rosen Method Movement teacher on December 9th, 2012. At the age of 16 he migrated with his family from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to Adelaide (South Australia). Upon finishing his secondary education he entered the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, a catholic religious order, completed his studies in Rome with a Doctorate in Moral Theology (thesis title: Authority in the Discourses of Gregory the Great). and then worked in seminaries, parishes, hospitals and universities. In 1987 he met Marion Rosen, who with the Rosen Community, became a mentor to him. Over the years he obtained a diploma in Acupressure, studied Counseling and Somatic Psychotherapy. Now actively retired, he works with family, social justice and other interest groups. He enjoys sports, reading, photography and playing the didgeridoo. He has a Rosen Method Bodywork and Rosen Method Movement practice in Sydney, Australia. His contact address is:

Sarah Dandridge - Editorial Advisory Board

Sarah Dandridge is a senior Rosen Method bodywork teacher and practitioner trained by Marion Rosen. She’s had a private practice in Oakland for the last 35 years. She is co-director of Rosen Method Austria, and is on the faculty of the Canadian and Russian Rosen Method schools. Her exploration of Rosen Method continues to enliven her life and re-affirm her commitment to Rosen Method as a path to embodied awareness. For the last 18 years, Sarah has also been a dedicated practitioner of Somatic Experiencing, the technique developed by Peter Levine to resolve trauma in the body. Through her private practice and training Sarah has developed a deep awareness and understanding of how trauma can affect not only a person’s physiology, but also all aspects of a person’s inner and outer life. Prior to her Rosen career, Sarah was an elementary and middle school teacher where she focused on language arts, writing and English teaching. She was invited to be a UC Fellow at UC Berkeley as part of the Bay Area Writing Project. Teachers of English/Language Arts on all levels came together to share best practices, research on writing, and to write and share with each other. Since that exhilarating time, she has wanted to return to writing and to finding her own voice. Working with the RMIJ is an important step in this direction. She is delighted and honored to be a part of this talented, multi-faceted RMIJ editorial group. Her meditation practice involves long hikes with her dog and bird watching.

Maja Skau-Olsen - Editorial Advisory Board

Before she started working with Rosen Method full time, Maja worked as a nurse and taught anatomy and physiology to students of health. She has been teaching anatomy and emotional anatomy to students of Rosen Method since 2004 in Denmark, and to Rosen practitioners since 2014, both in Denmark and abroad. Maja has a passionate interest in understanding how the body works, especially the musculoskeletal system, and how we can use that understanding as practitioners; both to get a better sense of our own bodies and to enhance our sessions in Rosen Method Bodywork. Maja was certified as a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner in 2001 and Rosen Method Workshop Teacher in 2010. From 2014, she followed the international teacher’s training and was trained in Israel, England, Russia, USA and Denmark. In December 2016 she became a certified Rosen Method Bodywork teacher. As a teacher it is very important for Maja to support students to find their own way of allowing the work to come through them. Maja lives in Skanderborg, Denmark and sees clients both in Skanderborg and Copenhagen. Currently she is one of two co-owners of the Danish Rosen Method school. She is also a member of the faculty of the Rosen Method school in Russia and enjoys travelling and teaching in many countries. Maja is happy to support the work of the Rosen Method International Journal because she thinks it is very important that we all share our knowledge and experiences with each other. This way we become true students of Marion Rosen, who always learned from practice. Contact Maja at

Anette Koegler, MA - Editorial Advisory Board

Anette is a Rosen Method Bodywork Intern and Movement Student with ties to both the Berkeley Center and the German school. She holds an M.A. in Tibetan Studies and Anthropology and is a Restorative/Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, and a Mindfulness and Resiliency Coach. After her formative years in Germany she spent two years in Tibet doing research, language studies and pilgrimages. For almost 15 years she worked as residential volunteer at Odiyan Retreat Center and the Nyingma Institute in Berkeley where she lead a Text Preservation project which collects and reprints ancient Buddhist scriptures. She also participated in sacred art projects, landscaping, many meditation and yoga classes and taught the Tibetan language. As an avid meditator she is very interested in the exploration of mind/consciousness and the connection between Rosen Method and Spirituality. Anette enjoys gardening, meditating, creative projects and going on pilgrimages. She splits her time between Northern California, Germany and the Himalayas where she has been offering bodywork sessions to Buddhist refugee nuns.

Gail Barry Bourque, PT, Psy.D, LMT - Editorial Advisory Board

Gail Barry Bourque is a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, a workshop teacher and primary supervisor Somatic Psychotherapist and certified TRE - Trauma and Tension Release Exercises practitioner. Gail became a Registered Physical Therapist in 1977 and worked in Oakland, CA at a public hospital. Gail trained at the Berkeley Rosen School in 1983-1986 with Marion Rosen and Louise Barrie. She and several others started the original Rosen Method Professional Organization – RMPA. Gail became President of the RI Board of Directors for several years in the early 1990s. Gail received and MA in Somatic Psychotherapy Program at the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco, in 1995. She completed a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology and became licensed in 2002. Her doctoral thesis was on Pain and the Body. She has taught Neuophysiology, has led workshops at the RI World Congresses: On The Polyvagal Theory in Imatra, Finland, Attachment Theory in upstate New York, and on Living the Embodied Narrative of your Life at Whistler, Canada. Gail has taught Rosen Method Living Anatomy in the United States, Russia and Israel and has been a Specialist and Assistant Bodywork Teacher for Intensives in Russia and Israel. Gail was on the RI Journal editorial board as one of the early editors starting in 2008. She has had a long practice with Buddhist meditation and study - first with Vipassana and in later years with Tibetan Buddhism. She has travelled to Tibet and India in pursuit of that practice. She enjoys traveling with her husband of 45 years and being very involved with her two sons and their families, six grandchildren aged 24 to 12. Reading, hiking, playing the flute, doing art, gardening, visiting with friends and studying French are all delightful involvements as well.

Alan Fogel, PhD, LMT - Editor Emeritus

Alan Fogel, PhD, LMT, founding editor of the Rosen Method International Journal, is a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner and a Rosen Method Bodywork Senior Teacher. He is the author of Body Sense: The Science and Practice of Embodied Self-Awareness (W.W. Norton & Company, 2013), and writes a blog on body sense for Psychology Today magazine. Alan has also worked as a behavioral scientist in the field of Developmental Psychology for many years and readers can find free downloads of many of his publications. He has a private practice in Rosen Method Bodywork in Salt Lake City, Utah and does consulting-mentoring via Skype on topics related to Rosen Method, embodied self-awareness, research and writing. Alan has taught workshops in Rosen Method Bodywork and in Embodied Self-Awareness both nationally and internationally. Alan retired in 2012 from his university teaching and is currently taking a sabbatical from workshop teaching. This gives him more time to devote to his private practice of bodywork and consulting, and also to music, photography, gardening, hiking, biking, and skiing in the beautiful mountains and red-rock deserts around Salt Lake City, Utah. He and his spouse, Jacqueline Fogel (a Rosen Method Movement Teacher) have two sons and three grandchildren. Contact him at She came to Rosen Method Movement, after a hip replacement surgery. She has completed the intensive workshops of the RMM Training with Theresa Garcia, and is working to complete the certification as an RMM practitioner. She practiced Tibetan meditation and is a mindfulness meditation practitioner and has joined a Zen buddist Sangha that follows Thich Nath Hanh teachings.

Angela Newman - Editorial Assistant

Angela Newman lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. She works at the University of Utah and is also a student, taking one class a semester. She almost has a BS in Human Development and Family Studies. She loves learning and being involved with the Rosen Method International Journal satisfies a desire to learn as well as a desire to make quality information available to others so that they may learn.