Movement Training Programs and Certification

Rosen Method Movement training is a multi-year program, resulting in certification as a Rosen Method movement teacher, allowing one to advertise and conduct Rosen Method movement classes publicly.

For those looking for personal growth opportunities, Rosen Method movement training courses can be taken individually without pursuing certification. The training courses are also opportune for professionals in other modalities looking to expand their knowledge and/or obtain continuing education credits.

Prerequisites for training include attending at least 10 movement classes taught by a certified Rosen Method movement teacher.

Requirements for training include approximately 125 hours of classroom training; attendance and observation of Rosen movement classes; attendance of a Rosen Method bodywork introductory workshop or intensive training. After classroom training is completed and the student is approved by the training team, an internship period begins. The internship involves: conducting,  attending and observing movement classes; professional supervision; and evaluation and recommendation for certification.

Note:  The requirements listed are the minimum criteria that must be successfully completed at each level. Additional requirements may be requested at the discretion of the school or training center.

For more information about the requirements of the training, contact the Rosen Institute.