A New Rosen Film by Anne Closset – Screening Apr 29th

International Screening with Discussion to Follow

April 29th @ 11am Pacific / 20h CEST


 Short documentary film 20 min

 The film plunges us into the sensory world of the body. A timeless journey that opens a door to intimacy. Hands that know where to go. Using her skillful and precise touch, a Rosen method teacher goes on an exploration. In close resemblance to the body’s life, like an innate consciousness, there is nature, echoing it.


An encounter with the Rosen method

The body is a reflection of our history. All our experience is inscribed in it. Like the mind, it too has a memory. In its depths, it keeps, it retains.

The camera takes us into the intimacy of a session at an advanced training course in the Rosen method. A therapeutic relationship develops, in which the practitioner, using light touches, creates connections between chronic muscle tension and repressed emotions. When the inner space of the body expands, it gives room to the energy that stimulates life.


Anne Closset is a camerawoman, screenwriter, director and producer. She has a talent for taking on film projects that question our identities and utopias. With her camera, she likes to bear witness to exceptional experiences, with a highly sensitive approach that gives her films a palette of nuanced colors. In her latest film, she explores a form of body therapy that she also practices, using gentle touch to access the unconscious. “Intimately Bonded” is her seventh author-driven documentary.