Intimately Bonded – Purchasing Rights of the Film

The 20 minute documentary made by bodywork practitioner Anne Closset is available for use in Rosen Method training or promotion worldwide.  The film is under copyright and the permissions must be purchased via the Rosen Institute to have access to the film.  Purchasing the rights to the film supports the distribution of the film and the filmmaker and production house, Athanor Production.

Pricing for the rights depends on the specific situation in which you will screen the film.
Screening and promotion in certain countries is also eligible for a 50% discount. Contact the RI for more info.


Under no circumstances can the film be placed on websites

or shared outside the strict uses outlined below (once rights are purchased).


You are welcome to link to the film’s poster or trailer on your website.

The film will be made more widely available in 2025 once the film has been promoted through the festival circuit globally.

If you are an individual Rosen professional:

Public Promotion (Conference, Forum or Expo, Screening in a Private home etc.)

Rosen Method professionals can use the film to promote their work at conferences, forums, expos etc. Duration of use is unlimited.

Member = 90,00€

Non-Member = 110,00€

Theatrical Showings, Online Screening or Event Space

Screening the film in a theatre for the public to attend.

Member Non-Member
Under 100 viewers 90€ 110€
Over 100 viewers 110€ 130€


If ticket sales exceed the flat-rate fee, we ask that the excess sales are shared 50/50 with the Rosen Institute (after deduction of organizational costs). A portion of these profits go to the filmmaker and production house. Any shipping costs are the responsibility of the screening location or organizer.

If you are a school:

Schools can screen the film for training purposes or promotion of Rosen Method training.  Duration of use is unlimited. 270€

Examples of use:

  • individual consultation for promotion of training or school
  • training purpose (in intensives, intros, or other training workshops)
  • Open house or other promotional events/invitationals
  • Conferences, forums, expos

The film file cannot be shared outside school administration and faculty, nor put on websites.

If you are a RMPA:

RMPAs vary greatly in organizational structure and their activities.  Please contact Claire, Administrative Director, for more information.

Would you like the director present at your event?

For in-person appearances, travel expenses, meals and accommodation (if necessary) must be provided.  The directors fee is 60€ in Belgium, 100€ abroad.

For an online appearance the fee is 40€.

Promotional material

There is a French and English trailer which can be shared widely:

You can download the flyers below:

Flyer – English

Flyer – French

Technical information

The film is a short documentary. Running time: 20 minutes

Original version: French

Subtitled version: English and Serbian.

Available formats :

– DCP / Stereo or 5.1

– File move / Stereo

Screen: white 16/9 – Screen size must be adapted to the venue.

Please note that screening rooms must be blacked out.

Sound system :

Provide a sound system adapted to the room that allows good stereo or LCR broadcasting.

Image and sound adjustment :

It is advisable to perform a soundcheck and image adjustment before projection.


Film Distribution:  Rosen Institute :

Film Festival Info :