A Happy 90th Birthday to Elaine Mayland

The Rosen Institute Executive Team would like to take this opportunity to honor a very important person in our Rosen Method lineage and community: July 5th was Elaine Mayland’s 90th birthday!! Whereas Marion Rosen was the founder of Rosen Method, Marion used to say that Elaine was the ‘spreader’ of Rosen Method. Elaine’s students, colleagues, and dear friends often quote her when they talk about ‘slipping unnoticed into the river’ of a client’s process. We well remember her exclaiming ”where’s the juice” … directing us to find the vitality!

As Director of Teaching for the first Rosen Center in Berkeley, in June of 1984, Elaine proposed a pilot program to offer intensives so that people who did not live in the Berkeley area could be trained. It was a successful program and she went on to start centers, serve as Director of Teaching, and plant seeds in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, France, Canada, Holland, and Mexico. In 1985, Elaine wrote ‘Rosen Method, An Approach to Wholeness and Well-Being Through the Body’, which she revised in 2005 and it is available on Amazon both as a print on demand title and as an ebook, and as an ebook on Barnes & Noble.

If you would like to learn more about the Elaine and this part of the history of Rosen Method, view her interview in the RMPA views.