Next Webinar – Relational Practice Building – September 19th!

September 19th @ 9:30am Pacific / 18.30h CEST


In this day and age it seems like everyone is “supposed to” be marketing themselves all the time. And they are “supposed to” be doing it through a tech innovation like social media, podcasting, blogging, making videos for YouTube or TikTok… but do these things really work to grow small healing arts practices?

Not really! In this 90-minute webinar come learn what actually works: good old fashioned relationship building. There are many ways to think creatively about how to grow your practice through relationships- none of which involve things that feel like being a door-to-door salesman.

About Brooke Thomas

Brooke Thomas runs Simple Prospering, a branding, web design and marketing studio that supports tiny (but mighty!) service-providing businesses.

She primarily works with people working in the healing arts, and became interested in marketing through her own practice building endeavors when growing a Rolfing practice in 3 cities over a 22 year career.

She has taught practice building to healing arts providers since 2009, and ran the Liberated Body podcast for 6 years which was dedicated to highlighting the genius of the healing arts, particularly focused on manual and movement therapies.

You can find her work at