Bodywork Intensive – London, UK

February 16 – 21, 2019

Early-Bird discount is valid until midnight 4th December 2018

The intensives are open to individuals interested for their own self-development and/or healing processes. Intensives offer non-linear and experiential learning, and students are encouraged to develop skills in present-moment listening, touch/sensing, and emotional/feeling awareness related to the body-mind.

Intensives are also building blocks in the professional training of becoming a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner.

Limited number of participants. Application process necessary.

Reasons for attending a weekend workshop or intensive for personal development (or training):

• To explore physical/emotional discomfort and chronic aches and pains that may benefit from deep relaxation;
• As an adjunct to psychotherapy, to bring the body’s intelligence to awareness, where it is available for discussion, processing and integration;
• To uncover both conscious and non-conscious habitual responses to stress, trauma and difficulty by developing tolerance, resilience and acceptance;
• These may be reflected in the body in several ways; a clenched jaw, headaches, lower back pain, or digestive problems or in the psychology such as anxiety and sleeplessness;
• To explore body postures that constrict natural movement or restrict the diaphragm (the main breathing muscle) and the way we breathe;
• As a way of listening inwards for guidance and self-discovery;
• To find your own ‘body map’, and discover more of who you are;
• To learn how to relax and recharge without effort.

‘Through listening to the truth of the body it is possible to discover what we can do, who we can be, what we can experience, how we can love.’
Marion Rosen

London, N7 7NU, UK