A New Leadership Team at the Rosen Method Open Center

The Rosen Method Open Center has recently gone through some changes and their new leadership team wanted to share the news with the Rosen Institute and the community:

We have some good news to share with the entire Rosen community. Rosen Method Open Center is in a new phase of its growth and development! The school, founded in 2000 by Odile Atthalin (its’ owner and Director of Teaching until this year), was recently purchased and incorporated by members of its leadership team (Heather Brown, Ivy Green, Tollie Miller, Anais Salibian, Elizabeth Smith, Joyce Silverstone, Adrienne Stone), along with the generous contributions of several additional donors. The Co-Directors of Teaching are Heather Brown, Ivy Green and Anais Salibian; Adrienne Stone is the Director of Teaching of the Rosen Movement training. We are fortunate that Odile trained several teachers who remain actively involved in Rosen Method Open Center. We are also delighted to include a special guest teacher from Denmark, Maja Skau-Olsen, at our inaugural intensive in Rochester, New York, Oct. 2016.

Our intention is to maintain high standards of teaching and to enrich the Rosen community of practitioners and teachers, as well as students. In offering workshops and trainings, we are committed to the fundamental principles of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement:

  • deep listening and open curiosity
  • no judgment about what is
  • setting appropriate boundaries to create safety
  • responding to the needs of each moment

We warmly welcome all with open arms! If you are a student from another school, consider joining us at a future intensive or training. If you are a practitioner or teacher interested in reconnecting with Rosen community, we also welcome your participation.

We all have been deeply touched by Rosen Method. We also know full well the rewards and joys of coming back home to ourselves and witnessing others reclaim themselves. Please visit our website, www.rosenmethodopencenter.org, for more information.

The Leadership Team of RMOC