Next Fireside Chat – April 28th

Variety as a spice of life: Emerging conversation about the intersection of gender/race/class in Rosen practice (and why it matters)

April 28th @ 10am – 12pm PST / 19 – 21h CEST

The first fireside chat on March 23rd was a great success with a deep and engaging discussion on Rosen Method and spirituality.  Thank you to authors Jane Pittisinger, Carol Cober, John Bosman and Catherine MacGuinness for sharing your insights.  And a big thank you to Annabelle Apsion who facilitated the discussion!

Register for the next fireside chat and read Gail Bourque’s article on the newly formed Rosen Gender Group which is starting an important conversation. 

The article is very short and if you can read it beforehand that’s great – but if you don’t get to it, you are still most welcome – we would love your participation in this community conversation.

And all RI webinars are free for members for the remainder of 2021!