• Next Webinar with Alan Fogel

    Claire Palo, Juni 10, 2020

    Three Different Types of Embodied Self – Awareness: Part 2 With Senior Teacher Alan Fogel Tuesday, June 23rd @ 10am PDT / 19h CEST Alan was asked by the Rosen Institute to present two webinars based on his recent articles in the Rosen Method International Journal . This first webinar was devoted to a discussion about the first ... Read more

  • Black Lives Matter: We Are Listening and Stand With You

    Claire Palo, Juni 9, 2020

    Over the past 2 weeks, US citizens across the country have taken to the streets to protest the wrongful death of George Floyd, police brutality, systemic racism and white supremacy.  The Rosen Institute stands with the Black community, communities of color, indigenous communities and all those refusing to remain silent on racial injustice.   Marion Rosen believed the Rosen ... Read more

  • An Evening of Stories of Marion Rosen

    Claire Palo, Mai 18, 2020

    June 2 @ 19h CEST / 10am PDT Annika Minnbergh and Lisen Wijkman, both Senior Teachers from Sweden, trained under Marion Rosen when she began teaching in Sweden in the 1980s.  They also spent time in the United States with Marion once she was unable to travel longer distances.  Our RI President Maud Guettler came up with ... Read more

  • Next Webinar – April 21st with Senior Teacher Alan Fogel

    Claire Palo, April 8, 2020

    Three Different Types of Embodied Self – Awareness With Senior Teacher Alan Fogel April 21st @ 10:30am PST / 19.30h CEST Alan was asked by the Rosen Institute to present two webinars based on his recent articles in the Rosen Method International Journal . This first webinar will be devoted to a discussion about the first article, Three ... Read more

  • Global Congress Postponed to 2021

    Claire Palo, April 4, 2020

    Dear Rosen Community,  Due to the current COVID-19 crisis and the general uncertainty, both social and economic, that most countries are facing, it has been decided by the Global Congress Organizing Committee to postpone the Global Congress until 2021.   We are saddened to take this action but feel that in order to ensure that people ... Read more

  • Join an Online Movement Class

    Claire Palo, März 31, 2020

    We’ve compiled a list of online classes, readings, meetings, and more to help us all come together, connect, share and learn during this strange and challenging time.   If you have an online movement class, readings, thoughts or something you’d like to share please email us!     More and more movement teachers have been exploring ways to give ... Read more

  • New Bodywork Brochure Translations

    Claire Palo, März 13, 2020

    The Rosen Bodywork Brochure has now been translated into Bosnian, German and French.  Swedish, Danish and Russian versions are also in the works.   Download the brochures in the members area.  Contact the RI if you are interested in organizing a translation. ... Read more

  • Read the new Spring 2020 Rosen Journal Issue

    Claire Palo, März 12, 2020

    The RMIJ Board is delighted to share a new, Special-Issue (Volume 13, Issue 1, 2020) of the Rosen Method International Journal. This Special Issue presents new research by our RMIJ Founder, Alan Fogel, PhD and we think you will be fascinated with the innovative thoughts and information he presents. The RMIJ Board is grateful for the continued hosting and ... Read more

  • Call for Workshop Proposals – Now Open!

    Claire Palo, Januar 30, 2020

    The Global Congress organizing committee is keen to open the call for workshop proposals.  We want to ensure you have ample time to design engaging workshops that highlight the unique knowledge and skills you would like to share.   The Global Congress workshops will be chosen by Maud Guettler, RI President, along with Annika Minnbergh, ... Read more

  • Webinar – Exploring the Emotional Anatomy of the Ilio-Psoas Muscle

    Claire Palo, Januar 12, 2020

    with Senior Teacher Maja Skau-Olsen. January 22nd @ 10:30am PST/19.30h CEST In this webinar, Maja will look at the Ilio-Psoas muscle: what it looks like and how to connect to it. And why this understanding can be useful for us in our work as Rosen practitioners. The webinar will look at the physical structures: where it ... Read more

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