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Global Congress 2017: Keynote Speakers Announced

The keynote speakers for the 7th Leaders Meeting and Global Congress (Nov 1-5th, 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia) have been announced.  The organizing team is very excited to have both these wonderful researchers come and share their insights.

These are just two of the amazing presentations that will be held during the Congress.  The program will be full of great workshops and presenters sharing diverse and relevant knowledge.

Have a closer at the expanded bios of Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg & Anssi Leikola.  To learn more about the Global Congress and to register for the event visit our website here.

If you know you will be attending the Congress please be sure to register sooner rather than later to reserve your spot.  This will allow the organizing to make the necessary plans based on numbers.

See you in Tallinn!




Looking Back: The First Year at the Rosen Method Swiss Center

The new Rosen Method Swiss Center shared a great update on their first year in operation.  Congratulations to the Swiss Center and their students on such a successful beginning!

Rosen Method Mentorship Program Goes International

The Rosen Institute spoke with Betty Ross, RI Board Member and coordinator of the Rosen Method Mentorship program in October of 2015. Since then the program has grown and Betty has been matching mentors and mentees across the US.

She is now looking to expand the program and is hoping to begin matching more people in Europe and beyond. The program took its first steps in January of 2011. Its primary purpose was to support new practitioners and movement teachers.   Mentors would assist new graduates with a variety of needs: talking about a client, how to expand their practices, how to improve their movement classes, and/or how one’s personal life could affect their professional career.

Since then, the program has evolved to encompass not only new practitioners and movement teachers but also anyone looking for support and encouragement. A very experienced practitioner or movement teacher can support a practitioner or movement teacher of many years if that is what is needed. Matching mentors and mentees is based on needs; oftentimes it is helpful to pair people who have not met before, attended different schools or even reside in different countries. Pairs are encouraged to not only connect by phone but by Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. If more face-to-face time is helpful then a mentor who resides in the same area may be best.

The program has steadily grown since 2011 and it is hoped that in 2017, 50 participants will reap the benefits of ongoing support and meaningful one-to-one support. Below are some of the wonderful experiences participating in the program has given Rosen Method professionals. Betty is excited to take the program international.

To learn more about the Mentorship program, please contact Betty Ross:               or 914-582-1118.


Below are a couple testimonials from mentors and mentees who have participated in the program.

“As a Bodywork Senior Teacher, I have mentored many students, interns, and practitioners. Participating as a mentor in the Rosen Mentorship Program, however, has been a different type of experience. The scope of my conversations with my mentee goes beyond teaching to encompass broader life issues and shared interests. Because this relationship is not constrained by training requirements, the two of us are freer to define the terms of how and when we connect to provide benefits for both. I highly recommend participation in this program, for both mentors and mentees.

I have been paired with the same Rosen Practitioner for several years. She and I talk once a month and with the benefit of time, intentional focus, her willingness to include all of her life experiences in our talks, we both feel engaged in a relationship unfolding into more freedom and clarity. As a mentor, I feel the excitement of being allowed into a personal process and encouraged to be creative in partnership. We talk about her clients, her outreach, her larger connections to Rosen Method through her community and her school / training experiences — all rich material. I like how slow we can be — even and particularly because we are on the phone — to get to the emotional heart of these issues. Being part of this program has increased my sense of belonging and contributing to the creation of a community of Rosen Method practitioners.”

“As always I find the program to be wonderful and so enjoy discussing thoughts and ideas that arise as I deepened my Rosen bodywork. I had a few life challenges that arose to assist me in my personal growth the past few months and my mentor was a beautiful open vessel with whom I felt safe enough to share what I was going through. While she was not physically available to give me a bodywork session as we live in different states I felt as though I received a session through her listening and holding a safe place for me to release what I needed to release.

What a wonderful gift! I always look forward to our talks and sharing what each of us has learned through different classes or workshops we have attended. My expectations have been met and more. Dialoguing over an extended period of time has allowed us to take the conversation deeper. We have touched deep feelings and experiences for each of us. Also the time allows the range of the conversation of Rosen Method to broaden beyond discussing only client/practitioner relationship.”


Global Congress 2017 – Registration Now Open!

Registration for the 2017 Leaders Meeting and Global Congress in Tallinn, Estonia is now open!

The organizing team is passionately working to make the Leaders Meeting and Global Congress program engaging, enlightening, and full of opportunities to collaborate and strengthen relationships.  At this early stage, three well-known experts in their field of health and science have already been identified to give the keynote speeches.

Tallinn is a well known tourist destination within Europe.   Located on the Gulf of Finland, directly across from Helsinki, Tallinn prides itself on mixing old and new in exciting and innovative ways. The center of the city, Old Town, is a medieval neighborhood of small stone streets that wind through picturesque plazas. Rich with culture, the city offers great architecture, museums, galleries, and restaurants to enjoy.

Learn more about the 2017 Global Congress and Leaders Meeting including hotel and meal package details.

Please register online for the event.  All questions can be directed to the organizing team at

We at the Rosen Institute and the Finnish Rosen school look forward to seeing you there!

A New School in Austria – Rosen-Methode Österreich / Rosen Method Austria

Senior Teachers Mary Kay Wright (USA) and Maija Frauenknecht (Finland) came to Vienna, Austria to teach an intensive together for the first time.  Rosen Method Austria, founded in 2013 and recently certified, is the youngest Rosen Method school globally.  Founder, Gabriele Rohrer-Kumlin studied with Marion Rosen in Berkeley in the 1990s and currently lives in Berlin, Germany.  Gabriele’s goal has always been to create a center in Austria with an international focus and global outlook.  The school’s Directors of Teaching are Mary Kay Wright and Sarah Dandridge.

Rosen Method Austria’s October Intensive attracted a very international group of people with teachers from USA, Finland, Norway, Russia, Germany and Ireland along with students from Austria, France, Britain, Finland, Spain and Ukraine.


“We are proud to have grown steadily, teaching Rosen Method at the highest level and being able to offer students diversity and a quality curriculum and teachers.  We are most happy to soon have several certified practitioners in Vienna!”   – Gabriele Rohrer-Kumlin, Founder and Managing Director, Rosen Method Austria

Pic: Rosen Method Austria’s students and teaching team enjoying their October Intensive in Vienna.

7th Rosen Method Global Congress and Leaders Meeting – November, 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia!



A New Leadership Team at the Rosen Method Open Center

The Rosen Method Open Center has recently gone through some changes and their new leadership team wanted to share the news with the Rosen Institute and the community:

We have some good news to share with the entire Rosen community. Rosen Method Open Center is in a new phase of its growth and development! The school, founded in 2000 by Odile Atthalin (its’ owner and Director of Teaching until this year), was recently purchased and incorporated by members of its leadership team (Heather Brown, Ivy Green, Tollie Miller, Anais Salibian, Elizabeth Smith, Joyce Silverstone, Adrienne Stone), along with the generous contributions of several additional donors. The Co-Directors of Teaching are Heather Brown, Ivy Green and Anais Salibian; Adrienne Stone is the Director of Teaching of the Rosen Movement training. We are fortunate that Odile trained several teachers who remain actively involved in Rosen Method Open Center. We are also delighted to include a special guest teacher from Denmark, Maja Skau-Olsen, at our inaugural intensive in Rochester, New York, Oct. 2016.

Our intention is to maintain high standards of teaching and to enrich the Rosen community of practitioners and teachers, as well as students. In offering workshops and trainings, we are committed to the fundamental principles of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement:

  • deep listening and open curiosity
  • no judgment about what is
  • setting appropriate boundaries to create safety
  • responding to the needs of each moment

We warmly welcome all with open arms! If you are a student from another school, consider joining us at a future intensive or training. If you are a practitioner or teacher interested in reconnecting with Rosen community, we also welcome your participation.

We all have been deeply touched by Rosen Method. We also know full well the rewards and joys of coming back home to ourselves and witnessing others reclaim themselves. Please visit our website,, for more information.

The Leadership Team of RMOC


The Danish Center for Education in Rosen Method experiences a handover.

On September 1st, certified bodywork teacher Maja Skau-Olsen and practitioner Mette Kragelund, took over the ownership and management of the Danish center. They are happy to announce that the new Director of teaching is Senior teacher Anais Salibian from the Rosen Method Open Center in New York.

They give many thanks to the team who ran the center and offered courses over the last 6 years, namely Anni Aarup, Peter Toft Nielsen and Kirsten Falch. Anni will take a break for a while, but we are very pleased that Kirsten and Peter will continue to teach at the center.

Maja Skau-Olsen has helped start the center and has been part of the school management for 5 years. She was certified as a bodywork teacher in December 2015 in the independent teacher training program and is now in training to become Senior teacher.

Mette Kragelund, was certified as Rosen Method practitioner in 2010 and has since been assisting and translating at Rosen Method courses, both in Denmark and abroad. In addition, she is a board member of the Rosen Institute, representing the Danish RMPA.

They will continue to offer bodywork intensives, movement intensives and advanced workshops. They also have plans to further promote Rosen Method education in Denmark, as well as educating more workshop teachers.

Maja and Mette greet and appreciate the world wide community that we are a part of and hope to see both teachers, assistants and students from other countries in our intensives. Please connect with them if you want to know more – soon they will have a page on the website in English.


Announcing a US-based Research Study on Rosen Method Bodywork

This study, to be conducted by Susanna Smart, Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner Doctoral Candidate, Kent State University College of Nursing, Ohio, USA is designed to learn about the processes involved in Rosen Method Bodywork (RMB) as described by clients. Rosen Method practitioners have a good sense of what happens in sessions, but what sense do clients who are untrained in the bodywork experience have?

Please note that due to the requirements of her University program, the study is limited to the United States only. Susanna does hope to interview people from all across the US.

 The body of research on Rosen Method is gradually growing, and this study will add to it!  Doing research is slow and labor intensive – Susanna is honored to be doing her part!  And,…she needs your help.  (She is not able to interview her current or previous clients). 

 Participants in this study must have received at least five sessions and had no more than an introductory weekend of training in Rosen Method bodywork. Interviews will be conducted by Susanna Smart – Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner and doctoral student in nursing at Kent State University in Ohio. Interviews are confidential. Practitioners will not be informed by Susanna about which if any of their clients choose to participate in the study.  

Clients who would like to know more before deciding about participating can contact Susanna by phone or email. The flyer has all this information.

Susanna asks if you are a US Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner reading this, can you please think of your clients, current and past.  Who has been touched by your work and might be willing to share about that experience?  Perhaps a client you saw many years ago?  Or, maybe someone fairly new? Could you possibly let your clients know about this study and maybe circulate the attached flier? Many thanks come from Susanna for your help to support her project.  

Postcard #3 – Gathering in the Redwood Valley, California

Contributed by Jetta Van Hemert

Yes, it happened again!

Last week for the seventh year in a row at the Frey Vineyards in the Redwood Valley near the Northern California city of Ukiah, Rosen Method Movement teachers, practitioners, aficionados, friends and loved ones came together to share, practice and discuss the beauty of Rosen movement and bodywork.

IMG_9974Over a four-day period people gathered at Luke and Emily Frey’s warm and comforting home in the middle of the redwoods surrounded by vineyards, enchanted canyons, and sacred springs. Recently born farm animals only served to enhance the beauty around us. People camped, stayed at the Big House (Luke’s childhood home) or bunked at Luke and Emily’s residence. Most were able to stay for at least one or two nights and some visited for a few hours as their schedules allowed (Thank you, Grace Wu and Valerie Luoto for your gracious visit.)


The usually warm Redwood Valley was alive with rain, causing us to improvise and conduct most of our activities indoors. Undeterred by the needed rain (As Jeannie said, “We celebrate in Santa Fe when it rains.”) we celebrated days of catered delicious meals, provocative thought, Rosen practicums, and Rosen Movement classes. The keynote, done this year by me, Jetta Van Hemert, focused on the concept of Flow and its relation to Rosen work.  Flow is a way of experiencing the universe and is based on the work of Jeanne Nakamura and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Six key concepts on Flow were shared during the gathering. Flow involves: 1. Intense and focused concentration on the present moment; 2. Merging of action and awareness; 3. A loss of reflective self consciousness; 4. A sense of personal control or agency over the situation or activity; 5. A distortion of temporal experience, one’s subjective experience of time is altered and 6. Experience of activity as intrinsically rewarding.

During the circle to discuss the keynote I asked people to identify definitions of Flow and situations in which they believed they experienced Flow. The Flow Concept in Rosen Movement permeated our event because of the willingness of participants to integrate Flow into the gathering.   For example, the theme of Flow seamlessly integrated into Charlie Metzler’s presentation on attachment theory. Charlie conducted an exercise that was simple on its face but amazingly deep in its impact. The partnered exercise had participants repeat a series of statements to a simple question like “How are you?” The responses, stated to a face-to-face partner, made one feel how a specific answer can evoke feelings of agreeability, avoidance or rejection.

Charlie’s exercise was followed by a “Hands on Shoulders” exercise which was spontaneously suggested by Jeanie Williams as a way of experiencing how the concepts in attachment theory could manifest themselves in the reality of a Rosen practitioner who may vacillate between intentional or disinterested touch, or one who is distracted, and then comes back. For me the big “Aha!” feeling came because of how free, safe, and provocative the discussion became. One could definitely tell it flowed!

The Gathering was also filled with all the community building fun things that make the May gathering a wonderful event. We spent evenings, dancin’ with Benson, or admiring the full moon around the campfire, telling tall tales, short stories, or just maybe a bawdy joke or two. On Saturday night Daniel, Luke’s son, led us in a rousing round of sing along, later joined by Sally.

Saturday was a bit wet so we scrambled and with the easiest of improvisation we had our sharing circle, lunch, practicum and continuing keynote address inside.

Saturday night we held our silent auction, which pays for speakers, food and other necessities. Everyone was exceedingly generous in their gifts and purchases. As a result we have a small budget to support the planning of next year’s event.

This is the first time we made space for a practicum exchange on Friday and Saturday afternoon. Everyone who asked got sessions or was able to give one. We organizers often tend to miss out on these experiences as we supervise activities, but this year it felt good to have time to nurture ourselves, enjoy exchanges and savor the wonderfully catered meals prepared by Mimi, Luke’s sister.

On Sunday four teachers led Rosen Movement class: Catherine, Beata, Helen, and Paula. This followed Saturday morning’s indoor class with Sarah leading the class from the stairs and people moving throughout the living room and kitchen area. Sarah’s teaching was a shining example Flow at work regardless of the weather.

The May Gathering continues to grow.   Each year our planning, structure and organization creates an evolving combination of generous intent and a safe, beautiful environment, which makes it clear what a Rosen Community might look like. Thank you to Luke, Emily, Sally, Lucia, Jeanie, Charlie, Maria, Benson, Sarah, Beata, Catherine, Helen, Paula, Patricia, Beverly, Amber, Carlos, Biba, Daniel, Molly, Osiris, Deborah, Greg, Joe, Sunshine and her family, and all the other participants who joined us in once again creating a supportive Rosen gathering/community in May.